PSA 5A 分子筛
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PSA 5A 分子筛
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Metal Corrugated Packing

      Metal corrugated packing in perforated metal sheet surface, rolling the small and large corrugation final assembly is made with a small resistance, gas and liquid distribution, high efficiency, flux, no significant amplification characteristics, used in vacuum , atmospheric pressure and pressurization operations. Metal plate reconstruction plate tower packing is especially effective. Diameter packed tower processing range φ150mm-12000mm above.

      the filler to keep the structural characteristics of the metal mesh packing in favor of the surface grooves of the plate is made, an increase of the uniform and packing of liquid wetting properties, improves the mass transfer efficiency. Each disk unit height 50-200mm, diameter of more than 1.5m, fill the form of the system component blocks.  

      metal corrugated plate packing with flux, resistance to some  high efficiency, the advantages of anti-blocking ability. In distillation, absorption, and extraction unit operation widely used. According to filler type, the minimum column diameter for the 80-200MM, the maximum diameter reached 13M, the density of liquid spray from the 0.2-200M3 / (M ²· H), used in negative pressure, atmospheric pressure and pressurization operations. Is used in chemical, fertilizer, oil refining, petrochemical, natural gas and other industrial versatile and efficient structured packing.

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