PSA 5A 分子筛
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PSA 5A 分子筛
  Ozone catalyst
  Honeycomb molecular sieve
  ceramic filter
  Porcelain sand filter
  Water treatment filter material
  Ceramic Random Tower Packing
  Ceramic Strutured Packing
  Plastic Random Tower Packing
  Plastic Structured Packing
  Metallic Random Tower Packing
  Metallic Structured Packing
  Catalyst Bed Support Media
  Acid-resistant Brick,Plate
  Molecular Sieve
  Refractory Ball
  Thermal Storage Ball
  Activated Alumina Ball
  Ceramic Grinding Media
  Honeycomb Ceramic

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Metallic Random Tower

     Metal random packing is carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials of tower packing. It has a thin wall, heat, large gaps, flux, resistance, isolation and high efficiency, especially suitable for vacuum distillation, process heat-sensitive, easy to decompose, easy polymerization, easy to knot the carbon materials. Metal random packing is widely used in petrochemical, fertilizer, and environmental protection industries in the packed column.
     Metal random packing includes Metal Raschig Ring, Metal Pall Ring, Metal ladder ring, the metal saddle ring, Metal Nutter ring, metal eighty-four inner arc ring.

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